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The Text Your Ex Back Process

More and more exes are using the texting formula in a bid to win back their loved one and start over a new relationship. With so many eBooks appearing about what you need to do and how and when you should start texting your ex, it is no wonder that the mere act of sending a text has become something of a skill. To text back your ex is not just a simple message send from your mobile phone, it is a process that takes time and […]

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Text Your Ex Back With a Good First Text

If you’re planning to text your ex in a bid to win them back then it’s important that you get that very first text just right. Knowing what to say can be a dilemma as you will not want to compose anything that might push them further away. Dealing with emotions, coping with fear and rejection and worrying about if you are doing the right thing all play a part in how you might be feeling at the time you may send a text. Knowing exactly what […]

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Text Back Your Ex: Does It Work?

Breaking up with a loved one can be devastating and in a bid to help us cope with the pain, many will go to any great lengths and try just about anything if it means a chance to get back with our ex. So does this new concept and theory of text messaging actually work and win our ex round? For some yes it does, it really does work. But there are also those who have failed as far as texting their ex back goes. So what […]

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