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Text Your Ex Back With Class

If you plan on using the text medium as a way to get back with your ex then you need to plan your messages carefully and text your ex back with class. Once you have had time to get your head around the initial break up you can spend some time reflecting over what went wrong and how you could change the things that obviously weren’t working. Try to put yourself in your ex’s shoes and understand how they might be feeling. Of course, as with any […]

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Win Your Ex Back With a Text

A new way to win back you ex, that is becoming increasingly popular, is that of texting back your ex. More and more heart broken singles are trying their luck at texting in a bid to relight the flame of a broken relationship. When all else fails and you can’t pluck up the courage to make a call then why not try sending a text. It doesn’t have to be anything long winded, just a few words in a short and simple text that shows your ex […]

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How You Can Text Your Ex Back

Thinking of what you could do to win back you ex? Too scared to pick up the phone for fear it will be ignored or even worse slammed down on you. Then why not try your hand at texting? If you own a mobile phone then all you need to text your ex back is a bit of time, credit and the courage to press all the right buttons. That’s right. Forget calling your ex, forget turning up at the door. Give yourself some time in which […]

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