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Text Your Ex Back With Good First Messages

Despite much controversy over the whole concept of using text messages to reconnect or rebuild a relationship with your ex, text messages are seen as a powerful means of communication. Moreover, the author of the downloadable PDF eBook, Michael Fiore, has become something of an expert in the text message world. His book provides detailed steps on what you should text and what you should not text when it comes to texting back your ex. However, it really is up to the individual to discover the power […]

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Text Your Ex Back With a Good First Text

If you’re planning to text your ex in a bid to win them back then it’s important that you get that very first text just right. Knowing what to say can be a dilemma as you will not want to compose anything that might push them further away. Dealing with emotions, coping with fear and rejection and worrying about if you are doing the right thing all play a part in how you might be feeling at the time you may send a text. Knowing exactly what […]

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