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Texting Your Ex Back Can Work

It’s hard to believe that a simple text can be the olive branch that reunites you with the ex you still love and want to get back with. There are so many myths surrounding text messaging and how effective it can actually be that it’s no wonder many of us are sceptical about using this form of communication as a means to get back with the ex. Texting is generally used as a quick and easy means to pass on information. The younger mobile users are known […]

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Text Back Your Ex: Does It Work?

Breaking up with a loved one can be devastating and in a bid to help us cope with the pain, many will go to any great lengths and try just about anything if it means a chance to get back with our ex. So does this new concept and theory of text messaging actually work and win our ex round? For some yes it does, it really does work. But there are also those who have failed as far as texting their ex back goes. So what […]

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